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One man who has two fully-functional penises goes by DiphallicDude (or DoubleDickDude, which morphed into DDD), as he is committed to keeping his real identity private. He is an American man in.

The man with two penises, popularly known as Double Dick Dude, opens up to Health24 about his rare congenital condition known as diphallia.

True diphallia is where each phallus has two corpora cavernosa and a single corpus spongiosum containing a urethra. True diphallia can be either complete with both penises similar in size, or partial when one of the phallia is smaller in size or immature, though structurally same as the larger phallus.

Jan 07, 2015 · Yes, there is actually a man in America who has two functional penises. Approximately 1 in every 5.5 million Americans are diagnosed with diphallus (not that a doctors diagnosis is at all necessary in determining whether you do, or do not have two .