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Our Braces Stories If you want to share the detailed saga of your braces story, this is the place to do it. You can use this forum as a braces journal, editing and updating your posts as your treatment goes on. Remember to also visit the main site for additional stories from other readers!

This is not about actual broadcast dates, but about which series and/or episode(s) contain persons with braces. Only one series per topic, please! *** Bitte hier Informationen über relevante Serien eintragen.

For adults who have dental braces, or who are considering orthodontics to straighten their crooked teeth. A site for adult braces and adult orthodontics: is usually updated at the start of each month, and is best viewed with IE 6.0 or later. Please be patient while this page loads!.

Mar 07, 2011 · I am getting adult orthodontics (braces) for the first time in my life this month. I didn't have them as a child because my parents couldn't afford them. I am dreading it but at the same time I know the end result will be worth it. What I am wondering is if anyone can recommend either the clear ceramic braces or the regular metal braces?