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Jan 30, 2008 · Hi all, Im looking at a position working one day a week at an adult day care center as a RN. When I graduated (2 years ago) I worked on a med/surg floor and then became prego with my first daughter and was lookign for some part time work to get back .

For many families, adult day care is an affordable alternative to putting an aging family member or loved one in a residential care facility like an assisted living community or nursing home. In this way, adult day care often functions as a form of respite care so that families and other caregivers can go to work, relax, run errands, or take.

The staff usually consists of a social worker, an activity director, and an activity aide, who often is a certified nursing aide (CNA). Many adult day care centers also rely on volunteers to run various activities. Benefits & Services While adult day care can be a great resource for caregivers, many refuse to consider this option.

Dear Donna, At an adult medical day care center, what is the role of the RN? Interested in Adult Day Care Dear Interested in Adult Day Care, Adult day services are growing and offer many different opportunities for nurses in both direct care and management.