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Type 2 Diabetes (adult-onset diabetes) is a chronic medical condition in which your body does not use insulin properly, resulting in abnormal blood sugar levels. Learn more about the symptoms.

Jan 18, 2011 · Understanding Adult-Onset Type 1 Diabetes. is a form of diabetes in which an adult’s immune system destroys beta cells in the pancreas, cells that produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone that.

Feb 17, 2019 · adult-onset diabetes refers to a term for type 2 diabetes that is no longer used because doctors have commonly seen this type of diabetes in children. people should also avoid using the term.

Symptoms of type 1 diabetes onset in adults. When an adult is diagnosed with diabetes, they are often mistakenly told that they have type 2 diabetes. This is because there is still a lack of an understanding in the medical community that type 1 diabetes can start at any age.