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What is Scoliosis? Mild, Moderate, Severe adult scoliosis curvature degree

The curvature shown in the left image is the normal curve of the spine when it is viewed from the side (not scoliosis). Image courtesy of What are the symptoms of scoliosis in adults? Common symptoms. Pain: Adults with scoliosis often experience pain, which leads them to .

Adult Scoliosis Surgery. For scoliosis patients who experience an increase in curvature and are in pain, we may recommend surgery. Scoliosis surgeries are serious and complex with multistep procedures, and adults sometimes need more than one surgery — one performed from .

Scoliosis diagnosed during the teen years can continue into adulthood. The greater the angle of the spine curve, the more likely it is to increase over time. If you had scoliosis in the past, have.

What Is Scoliosis? Scoliosis is a condition in which an individual's spine has lateral, or side to side curvature. Although scoliosis is a three-dimensional deformity, on an x-ray, scoliosis curves can often look like a simple “S” or a “C” shape.