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Family Reunion Activities For Adults And Kids. Joint Family Skits Pair a grandparent and a grandchild (or even an adult) together and have them perform a skit for everyone. Give everyone a theme based on family history (Or a funny family episode) and let them act it out.

If you have not received your family reunion T shirts, this is a great time to do this. As of now T Shirts can be purchased by Margo Young. Also you can meet the child care providers here. (Adults Only). Pizza Party for kids at hotel with chaperones. (Qualified Childcare Provided).

Family reunion games are a must-have element of family reunion planning! Without some good games in the mix, you will certainly finding the kids saying the dreaded words “I’m bored!” Thinking up games that will entertain everyone in your family may not be the easiest task you’ll undertake, so .

Fun family reunion games for all ages. One of the most memorable family reunions I attended as a kid was the one where I was in charge of running some simple, fun kid games with the younger children.