ERIC - ED380552 - Philosophical Foundations of Adult Education. Second Edition., 1995 - developing a clear philosophy in adult education


Personal Philosophy of Adult Education - Agile Advice developing a clear philosophy in adult education

PHILOSOPHY OF ADULT EDUCATION INVENTORY INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETION Each of the fifteen (15) items on the Inventory begins with an incomplete sentence, followed by five different options that might complete the sentence. To the right of each option is a scale from 1 to 7, followed by a small letter in parentheses.

Personal Philosophy of Adult Education. This is a foundation for education that honours and respects the student. Recognizing the nobility of the student allows her an active role in her own learning. The role of the teacher is to facilitate learning by drawing on the experience of the student, to build on that experience through the acquisition of new insights, knowledge and skills.

To develop people open to change and continued learning; to enhance personal growth and development; to facilitate self-actualization, to reform society. To bring about fundamental, social, political, economic changes in society through education; to change culture and its structure.

Philosophy adult education programs introduce students to works ranging from Plato's dialogues and the philosophical treatises of Cicero to more modern essays by philosophers like Heidegger and.