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A probate guardianship of the person is set up because a child is living with an adult who is not the child’s parent, and the adult needs a court order to make decisions on behalf of the child. Generally, probate guardianships are for children under 18.

A legal guardianship for adults in California is called a conservatorship. The court case where a judge appoints someone to take care of another adult is also called a conservatorship. The person chosen is called a conservator. She is appointed after she petition the court for appointment.

In California, a legal guardianship for an adult is called a conservatorship and can only be established by an order of the probate court. A conservator is appointed for another adult when the probate court concludes that the adult, or conservatee, cannot manage his .

NOTE: All California courts use the same basic set of forms. But some courts have special, local forms, too. To see if you will need any special, local forms, contact your court clerk or check your court’s website. The forms may be posted on their site. If not, the site will list the address and phone number of your local courthouse.