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Here's how to make the perfect princess or fairy costume without spending the crown jewels. Find a pretty dress or a bodysuit and ballet tutu, the frillier the better. Make a crown or tiara out of shimmery pipe cleaners or a rhinestone necklace and some wire.

Jul 19, 2018 · You can make that fairy tale dream a reality this Halloween by making one of these creative DIY princess costumes. This roundup has ideas for royalty of all ages—whether you need a costume for a young child, an outfit for your teenager, or even a costume for an adult, Occupation: Editorial Assistant.

How to make a DIY Snow White costume. 1. Make an easy DIY Snow White costume using this free Snow White dress up apron pattern from It’s Always Autumn. It’s available in 3 sizes to fit most kids. 2. Rae Gun Ramblings shares a tutorial for a DIY Snow White shirt for adults, but it would be easy to make for kids as well! 3.

Oct 22, 2015 · Steps The first step will be to create the bottom part of the metal bikini. Create a roman-like pattern by twirling up pieces of newspaper, Once the shapes have stuck to the cardboard, cover with paper and white glue Now you can spray-paint both sides in gold and leave to dry. Meanwhile, 4.7/5(24).