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80 rows · Universal adult suffrage for both sexes over 20 introduced in 1946, ratified by the new Constitution which adopted on 3 May 1947. 2005 1962 2005 1962 Kuwait: Universal adult male suffrage since 1962, for citizens who are 21 or older, with the exception of those who, at the time of elections, serve in the armed forces.

Jun 13, 2015 · UNIVERSAL Adult Suffrage is the right of citizens in a given society who are entitled to vote in an election to select, at periodic intervals when these elections are called, a government to.

Universal suffrage, which finds such favor in the sight of those persons who belong to the constitutional opposition, as it is called, was a capital institution in the Church, because (as you yourself have just pointed out, dear pastor) the individuals of whom the Church was composed were all well educated, disciplined by religious feeling.

Less than a month later, on December 12, Jamaica became only the third state in the British Empire to conduct elections on the basis of universal adult suffrage, preceded only by New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Among the countries in 1944 that conducted elections on the basis of universal adult suffrage, Jamaica was the only colony, the Author: Danielle.