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Apr 11, 2018 · Two anti-submarine nets ringed the Tirpitz, anchored in the Kaafjord, a branch deep in the base of the Altenfjord. Just before dawn on the 22nd, when the outer anti-submarine net opened to let a coaster through, Lt. Donald Cameron of the X-6 alertly got into the coaster’s wake and slipped through before the net closed.

This is the little known story of the Royal Navy’s secret X-Class midget submarines that were built to sink the most powerful German surface combatants, but ended up paving the way for British Author: Tyler Rogoway.

In one of the most daring operations of WWII, a number of British midget submarines (known as “X-craft”) ventured into Norway’s fjords in order to sink or put out of commission the German battleship Tirpitz. Though the Tirpitz was not sunk, it was severely .