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This study examines the relationship between a history of physical and sexual abuse (PhySexAbuse) and drug and alcohol related consequences. We performed a cross-sectional analysis of data from 359 male and 111 female subjects recruited from an inpatient detoxification unit.Cited by: 169.

Home > The Complex Nature of Abused Substances and Getting Help for Addiction > Substance Abuse as a Consequence of Sexual Abuse. Substance Abuse as a Consequence of Sexual Abuse Substance Abuse. Substance Abuse is a term used to describe the misuse of legal and illegal substances to the point of intoxication or inebriation.

Similarly, such prospective studies must measure other alcohol-related factors (e.g., alcohol expectancies and usual alcohol consumption in social situations) before and after a sexual assault occurs in order to demonstrate whether these factors are causes or consequences of sexual assault.

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