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The Artisan soul level souls age is? Mature, old, young? barry. but I’ve lived a hard life and my body complains more than it pleases. I suspect my role is Artisan because I write – a lot. i have more unfinished novels than you can shake a stick at. It bothers me, sometimes, when I am in a Young soul mood, but not often enough to force.

An artisan with a discarnate warrior ET, for example, will show that visual influence in their eyes and facial expression. When the ET is incarnate, however, the casting becomes more visually prominent. To see a full gallery of Artisans grouped by their secondaries, visit the Artisan Role Photos page.

Your soul is your innermost being, your higher self, who you really are. And according to the Michael teachings, your soul will have one of seven distinct ‘vibrations’ or ‘tones’.. The Spectrum of Essence. When we cast light through a prism, it comes out in the form of a spectrum which we perceive as the seven colours of the rainbow.

On the other hand, individual role, overleaves, cultural imprinting, internal monads, and the current soul age manifestation can make some old souls seem more mature-like, and vice versa. Apparently nothing is cut and dried. Below is a comparison chart that outlines the .