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Oct 16, 2007 · How to tie a Monkey's Fist Video I usually use paracord or smaller cordage for knotwork, but this larger 3/8" diameter rope makes it easier for you to see what I'm doing in the video. I used three turns for each side of the knot to cover the 1" ball bearing that I used for the core of the fist.Author: Stormdrane.

Dec 10, 2007 · I've taken some photos showing the adding of the loop to the monkey's fist. Once the fist is made and tightened with just the single strand left, you work backwards pulling enough of the end strand back to make a loop. Work that amount back thru the fist (just like you worked the slack out of the fist when tightening it).

The next step is to size the end loop that the monkey fist will attach through; this is just a matter of starting the first ladder loop, and fidgeting around with it, so both lengths from knot-to -loop are the correct size for your wrist; check the size frequently as you tighten, as paracord can be deceptive!

Just slightly smaller than gutted 550 paracord, the glow-in-the-dark cord takes four turns on the monkey fists to cover each side on a 1/2" marble, so I used a 6 foot length of cord. I made one monkey fist, tightened it up, then tie another fist starting right next to the completed one.Author: Stormdrane.