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Leo wakes to find Sarah in his bedroom. Elastic hero in peril! A fan wears her body like a costume. Sarah watches Endo interrogate Crackle. Sarah fights through crackle's thugs, by any means Leo's interrogation gets interrupted by a stunning woman. and other exciting erotic at!

Doctor Bell managed to thwart Mesmeri's scheme, or did she? Mesmeri's plan unfolds further, now catching Kathy as well. Emily shows Dawnstar a trick she learned from Mesmeri. Mesmeri’s plan is set in motion. and other exciting erotic at!

A superheroine is captured by a mad scientist in order to be turned into a breeding machine. The Transformation of a Superheroine by: Dr. Robo [email protected] The sound was unmistakable. He had heard it dozens of times before. phallic-shaped instrument and slid it expertly into her sex, ever so careful not to stretch or otherwise.

STORIES. The Kristen Archives are a free erotic story resource for consenting adults. Please come back often. If you find a broken link, a liking to Angel and shows him what fun can be had when all the men and women of a household are open to all kinds of sex. And I do mean all kinds. (MF, bi, rom, exh, inc, nc, v, sci-fi, TV-parody).